Amaebi (sweet shrimp)

Yuzugin Gimlet “The velvety body of this Japanese gin, which has a sweet potato shochu base, elevates the sweet notes of amaebi.”

Fukucho Seaside Junmai Sparkling Sake “It’s essentially a pet-nat, and its creamy body is a match made in heaven.”

Uni (sea urchin)

Chiyonosono “8000 Generations” Rice Shochu “You can have a pour of this with a shiso leaf to add a citrusy fresh flavor.”

Rombauer Merlot “Uni makes good partners with lighter reds, and this one is fruit-forward with softer tannins.”

Tako (octopus)

Forbidden Root Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen “Octopus loves fruity pairings, and the basil in this carries the fish’s nutty flavor to another level.”

La Fuerza Primavera Vermouth Spritz “Octopus goes well with earthier spices, and the 40 botanicals from the Andes Mountains in this vermouth add depth.”

Aji (Horse mackerel)

Ochiai Distillery “Rihei” Ginger Shochu Highball “Aji is served with freshly grated ginger instead of wasabi, and this shochu can act like a palate cleanser for the oily fish.”

Anatolikos Vineyards Fine Assyrtiko “Briny and bright, it has just the right amount of minerality to allow the fish to shine.”

Unagi (eel)

Kigen Kawaba Pearl Pilsner “The crispy Pilsner’s acidity cuts through the richness of kabayaki-brushed sweet unagi.”

Cazcanes No. 9 Extra Anejo Tequila “The tequila’s buttery finish works well with the umami-forward kabayaki sauce.”