CBD Cat Treats: Best CBD Treats for Cats in 2023

As pet owners, we are always looking for ways to keep our cats happy and healthy. While traditional cat treats can be a great way to reward good behavior, there is now an alternative that may offer even more health benefits: CBD cat treats.


CBD American Shaman

Rating: 5.0


  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Rich in Vitamins
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Delicious Chicken Flavor

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CBD American Shaman

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Honest Paws

Rating: 4.8


  • Easy to Digest
  • Improves Cognition
  • Fast-Acting Effects
  • Organic Ingredients

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Honest Paws

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Just CBD

Rating: 4.6


  • Crunchy Texture
  • Multiple Flavors
  • Organic Hemp Plants
  • Delicious Flavors

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Just CBD

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Cat CBD treats contain beneficial hemp plant compounds and are formulated to be highly palatable and enjoyable for cats of all ages. Furthermore, since these treats are made from natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the best nutrition possible.

Check out our guide to CBD cat treats and discover which products can help your kitty get the full benefits of CBD without compromising on taste. We’ll also provide tips for buying and integrating CBD treats into your cat’s diet to guarantee reliable, consistent effects.

Top 3 CBD Cat Treat Recommendations

1. CBD American Shaman: CBD Cat Kitty Nugs: Overall Best CBD Cat Treats
2. Honest Paws: Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats: Reduces Hyperactivity
3. Just CBD: JustPets Cat Treats: Multiple Flavor Options

Reviews of the Best CBD Cat Treats

1. CBD American Shaman: CBD Cat Kitty Nugs: Overall Best CBD Cat Treats

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  • Full-spectrum CBD oil cat treats
  • Supports discomfort, promotes calm
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Delicious chicken flavor

CBD American Shaman Highlights

CBD American Shaman strives to provide the same high-quality products for cats that it does for humans. The popular CBD brand uses only the best manufacturing practices, including solvent-free extraction methods, rigorous 3rd party lab testing, and all-natural, organic ingredients. Dedicated to wellness on all levels, its products ensure a comprehensive approach to pet health.

CBD Kat Kitty Nugs Features & Benefits

Made with natural ingredients like flaxseed, brown rice, and pea protein, these chicken-flavored cat treats contain full-spectrum CBD oil to support physical discomfort and promote a calm demeanor. At 2.5mg of CBD per serving, these American Shaman treats are suitable for cats of all ages, with older cats likely benefiting the most due to the treats’ anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to a potent dose of full-spectrum CBD oil from organic hemp plants, the treats also contain essential vitamins and minerals cats need to stay healthy and active. From fish oil to folic acid to a vitamin-rich blend, these treats are a great way to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients they need without having to purchase multiple supplements.

The Kitty Nugs come in 48 oz. bags that seal tight to lock in freshness and preserve potency. You can use them daily to support overall wellness or as needed before long trips, vet visits, or other stressful situations.

Why We Picked These Cat Treats

With CBD American Shaman, you get a full-spectrum blend of the most beneficial hemp plant compounds in an all-natural, delicious chicken treat that cats love. And with the massive blend of beneficial vitamins and minerals, you can rest assured your pet is getting all the nutrition they need for optimal health.


  • Best For: Cats of all ages
  • Effects: Supports discomfort, promotes relaxation
  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum cat treats (2.5mg per serving)
  • Weight: 3lb (48oz) resealable bag

Learn more about CBD American Shaman

2. Honest Paws: Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats: Reduces Hyperactivity

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  • Easy-to-chew & digest
  • Improves behavior & cognition
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Organic & non-GMO ingredients


  • Treats may clump together if stored in hot areas

Honest Paws Highlights

Dedicated entirely to pet wellness, Honest Paws has been instrumental in setting a standard for quality in the pet CBD industry. From their organic, non-GMO ingredients to their high-quality cGMP manufacturing practices, they have repeatedly proven their products to be safe, effective, and delicious.

Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats Features & Benefits

Containing 2mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat, Honest Paws’ Calm CBD Soft Chews for cats is formulated to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity while improving cognitive function. While CBD and trace THC work to relax your pet, minor cannabinoids such as CBC help support overall physical wellness for a comprehensive approach to pet health.

Honest Paws has blended potent, cat-safe, calming botanicals such as chamomile and passion flower to ensure your pet has the best support for periods of high anxiety that trigger the zoomies or other behavioral issues. So, if your cat gets super active in a bad way when you are out of the house, these treats are a game-changer.

The cat chews come in a delicious chicken flavor and include natural ingredients such as pea and garbanzo flower, silver vine, and MCT oil. The coconut-derived MCT oil is particularly beneficial as it helps promote healthy coat and skin, supports immune system health, and is an excellent source of energy for cats.

Why We Picked These Cat Treats

Honest Paw’s CBD soft chews for cats are the perfect solution for cat parents looking to alleviate stress in their feline family members. With 2mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat in its 60-count tubs, these treats provide quick-acting effects that help reduce anxiety and hyperactivity while supporting overall wellness – all without breaking the bank.


  • Best For: Cats of all sizes
  • Effects: Reduces anxiety & hyperactivity, improves cognitive function
  • CBD Type: Full-spectrum cat treats (2mg per serving)
  • Weight: 60 grams (60-count tub)

Learn more about Honst Paws

3. Just CBD: JustPets Cat Treats: Multiple Flavor Options

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  • Crunchy texture & delicious flavors
  • Supports multiple wellness needs
  • Made from organic hemp plants
  • Lab-tested for quality


  • No subscription order options

Just CBD Highlights

The incredible Just CBD team puts in the extra effort to develop high-quality CBD products that are both safe and effective. From their carefully sourced, lab-tested hemp plants to their strict cGMP manufacturing processes, every detail matters when it comes to crafting quality CBD for pets.

JustPets Cat Treats Features & Benefits

With 100mg of premium CBD extract per jar, these crunchy CBD cat treats are sure to provide your feline friend with all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD extract without any harsh side effects. Tested for quality, these CBD cat treats contain a limited spectrum of cannabinoids designed to gently yet effectively promote overall wellness and relaxation.

What makes these JustPets cat CBD treats so great is the multiple flavors included in each bulk container. With options for turkey, chicken, liver, and fish all in one resealable tub, there’s something for every cat – no matter how picky they can be. And no matter which flavors they love, your cat will always benefit from better oral health thanks to each fish-shaped treat’s crunchy texture.

Because of the balanced concentration of CBD and natural ingredients, a small serving of these cat treats is ideal for supporting acute or chronic wellness needs. Whether mixed into daily meals to combat aging or support joint health or used as needed for stress relief and hyperactivity, JustPets makes it easy to give your cat the relief they need no matter the situation.

Why We Picked These Cat Treats

As a cat owner, you know how difficult supporting the health of picky eaters can be. But with JustPets CBD Cat Treats, you can give your pet the support they need without worrying about them turning away their food. 


  • Best For: Picky cats of all ages
  • Effects: Supports discomfort and relaxation, promotes overall wellness
  • CBD Type: Premium CBD extract from organic hemp plants (100mg per container)
  • Weight: 12 oz. resealable jar

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How We Found the Best CBD Cat Treats

Pet CBD products require the same level of quality and safety as products designed for human consumption – but with a few additional considerations.

For starters, the CBD must come from lab-tested, organic hemp plant extracts to ensure it’s free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants that can significantly impact your pet’s health. For this reason, we only considered CBD brands proven to use and test the highest-quality sources of hemp and always held them to strict cGMP manufacturing standards.

We also kept an eye out for CBD cat treats that provide multiple wellness benefits from a single serving and those that contain natural ingredients with potential benefits, such as MCT oil or minor cannabinoids like CBC. These additional compounds are proven safe for cats and can provide an extra boost of health and relaxation.

With other considerations for customer satisfaction, bulk pricing, and delicious flavors, we found that the CBD cat treats above represent the safest, best chance of creating a positive, long-term impact on your pet’s overall wellness and well-being.

How to Pick the Best CBD Cat Treats for Your Pet

Order multiple products to start

It’s no secret that cats are notoriously picky eaters, so don’t be afraid to order multiple products and let your pet determine the one they love. This is especially the case for first-time buyers, where settling on a texture or flavor is best before committing to cost-saving subscription orders.

And with many of the best CBD brands offering generous return policies for unused or unopened products, you can confidently test out multiple products without worrying about wasting money.

Learn to read lab reports

Terms like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate are often thrown around when shopping for cat supplements made from hemp. These terms denote the inclusion or exclusion of hemp plant compounds that can affect the overall quality of the product, and it’s important to know which is best for your cat.

For this reason, we advise looking closely at the lab reports (usually referred to as Certificates of Analysis) for any CBD products you buy. Have a look at the cannabinoids present in each product so that you can make sure it has the right concentration of CBD and other compounds for supporting your pet’s wellness needs.

For example, CBD cat treats containing THC (full-spectrum CBD cat supplements) often offer more wellness benefits than those without. But, if your goal is to support better energy and mobility, full or broad-spectrum CBD cat treats with CBG or CBC may be the better choice.

Maximize wellness benefits with special features

CBD cat treats come in multiple textures that have their own unique benefits outside of just being a fun way to deliver CBD. For example, crunchy treats are perfect for supporting better oral health, while soft chews can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress for cats that experience anxiety or fear in certain situations.

Additionally, many products include special features such as added vitamins or minerals like omega-3s for joint support, probiotics and digestive enzymes for better digestion, natural botanicals, and other plant compounds like turmeric for added support. These features can help to maximize the potential of CBD cat treats while providing additional wellness benefits for your pet.

Consider daily vs. as-needed use

If your cat suffers from regular, chronic issues related to age or joint mobility, you should consider using CBD cat treats on a daily basis to provide the most support. But, with daily dosing comes more rapid consumption, so you should opt for treats in bags or containers of at least 3 lbs. This way, you won’t need to buy as often and can save money by taking advantage of sale prices or subscription discounts.

On the other hand, if your pet’s needs are less frequent or acute, opt for smaller container sizes like 12 oz. or one-time orders. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing potency between doses, and you may even be able to opt for a more potent formula to maximize the potential of each treat.

Benefits of CBD for Cats

The science

While clinical research is yet to catch up to the popular demand for pet CBD products, a growing body of evidence supports the use of CBD oil for cats. Studies have already suggested that felines have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans, making them just as susceptible to beneficial hemp plant compounds as we are.

Furthermore, with more CB1 receptors than humans and a highly sensitive nervous system, researchers are speculating that CBD may be able to provide more profound results for your pet than it does for us.

Physical benefits of CBD for cats

Cats have more bones in their bodies than humans, which means more potential for pain and inflammation. CBD works by activating certain receptors in the body to reduce swelling, control nerve impulses, and regulate cell growth in response to tissue damage. This could lead to improved mobility and lessened risk of injury due to weakened bones or muscles.

While these physical benefits are great for cats of all ages, older cats, in particular, find the most relief from CBD – especially in edible form. Compared to the best CBD oil for cats, infused treats offer longer-lasting effects that better support your pet’s daily activities and maintain a higher level of wellness through their golden years.

Mental benefits of CBD for cats

CBD is well-known for its anxiolytic properties, meaning it can help to reduce fear and anxiety in cats that exhibit signs of stress or reactivity. This could benefit cats nervous around loud noises, sudden movements, or unfamiliar people and animals.

CBD could also help to reduce aggression in cats that are prone to displaying territorial behavior during interactions with other pets. By calming anxious behaviors, CBD can help to create a more balanced home environment for your pet and the rest of your family.

And if you’ve got a cat with chronic or acute cases of the zoomies (i.e., sudden bursts of energy and excitement), CBD may be able to help with that too. Cannabidiol can modulate adenosine receptors in the brain to reduce excessive energy levels, allowing your pet to more easily settle into calmer states of mind when you are out of the house for extended amounts of time.

General wellness benefits of CBD for cats

The ongoing research and anecdotal evidence that supports the potential benefits of CBD for cats is encouraging for pet owners looking to incorporate this natural remedy into their cat’s wellness plan.

On top of its physical and mental benefits, CBD may be able to provide general support by acting as a powerful antioxidant thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids. This combination could help to protect your pet’s cells from oxidative damage caused by environmental toxins and may even be able to reduce the risk for certain diseases or illnesses.

For this reason, treats infused with CBD are becoming a more regular part of young cats’ diets to help promote long-term wellness and prevent the onset of chronic age-related issues. Furthermore, they make an excellent choice for cats with chronic conditions, as their multiple wellness effects and beneficial ingredients reduce the number of daily supplements that pet owners need to give.

How Do I Give My Cat CBD Treats?

Even with the premeasured CBD concentration in each serving, determining the right way and time to treat your cat with cannabidiol is always a trial-and-error method. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the guesswork by adhering to a few general rules.

Start small and slow

Cats are sensitive creatures, so it’s best to start with a low dose – 1-3 mg, depending on your cat’s weight – and gradually increase as needed for maximum results. The lower end of that concentration is for cats weighing 10 lbs. or less, while the higher end is for those weighing over 20 lbs. 

If your cat is already taking other CBD products, be sure to adjust the number of treats accordingly so they don’t overwhelm their system. While CBD isn’t known to be toxic to cats, it may significantly alter biological function in the short term when too much is given.

Stick to a regular dosing schedule

This is especially important for pet parents dosing their cats with CBD daily. CBD works best when given regularly so its beneficial effects can be sustained. This could mean an edible treat at the end of each day or something more complex, depending on your pet’s condition and response to CBD.

Acute dosing needs can even adhere to a schedule by providing treats at the same time before each stressful event. This way, your cat will become accustomed to the effects of CBD as well as the act of taking their treat, creating a positive ritual that they – and you – can look forward to.

Monitor and adjust as needed

When it comes to how much CBD to give your cat, the suggested use instructions on the packaging should always provide a good starting point, but it’s important to monitor their response and adjust the amount of CBD they receive accordingly.

Every cat responds differently to CBD based on their weight, wellness needs, and age. By keeping close tabs on your feline friend, you can ensure they get the most out of their edibles and limit the chance of adverse effects that could turn them off from the supplements entirely.

Be patient

As compared to other CBD products, edibles take a lot longer to get into your cat’s system and even longer to take effect. But that doesn’t mean you should give up after a few days if you don’t see any changes in their behavior or physical state of your cat’s body..

It could take weeks for your pet to have a noticeable reaction, so it’s best not to rush the process and let CBD work its magic over time. As long as your cat is eating the treats without issue and you’re seeing no negative effects, you can be sure that they are experiencing the many benefits of CBD in their own unique way, even if you can’t see it immediately.

Other Forms of CBD for Cats

CBD oil tinctures

There’s no denying the long-lasting benefits of edible CBD cat treats. But sometimes, you may want something that works faster or provides even greater support for the tasty cat treats. That is where CBD oil tinctures for cats come in handy.

CBD tinctures contain beneficial hemp plant extracts blended with bioavailable ingredients that ensure your cat gets the most out of every drop. These products are designed to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and work to target both physical and mental issues that may be causing your cat to overreact to certain stimuli.

If you plan on using CBD tinctures in your cat’s food in addition to giving your kitty treats infused with CBD, be sure to pay attention to the dosage amounts in each product and adjust accordingly. Most people use half the dose of one to supplement use with the other. So, if long-lasting effects are more of a priority than fast-acting ones, then consider using CBD treats as your cat’s primary source and supplementing with tinctures in your cat’s food when needed.

CBD oil topicals

CBD oil topicals provide targeted fast-acting relief that can support your cat while CBD treats work their magic. Unlike edibles, CBD topicals are applied externally to areas experiencing or showing signs of pain, itching, swelling, and inflammation.

Topicals come in creams, balms, sprays, or roll-ons specifically formulated for cats to deliver immediate relief to sore areas. And since they’re absorbed transdermally – through the skin’s surface – CBD topicals bypass digestion altogether, so it takes less time for them to start working.

If you plan on using CBD topicals for your cat, be sure to always get products made with natural ingredients proven safe for cats’ skin and fur. While human-grade topicals typically come infused with essential oils from peppermint, citrus, and eucalyptus, these ingredients can be toxic to cats and should never be present in the topical products you purchase for them.

CBD grooming products

Natural ingredients in CBD treats for cats often help boost their coat and skin health. But if you’re looking for something to boost those effects and make your furry friend look their best, then consider adding CBD grooming products to your pet’s routine.

CBD-infused shampoos, conditioners, and sprays provide gentle cleansing and hydration to cats’ fur without any harsh chemicals or irritants that could damage the skin or coat. These products help remove dandruff, reduce chronic skin conditions, and promote a healthy coat that looks and feels better.

The best CBD grooming products contain additional botanicals like aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, or avocado oil, as these natural ingredients have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and healing effects that further support the benefits of CBD. When used with edibles and other CBD products, you can help ensure your cat’s skin and fur looks and feels its best while getting all the advantages hemp offers.

Side Effects of CBD in Cats

The overwhelming consensus from agencies and millions of cat owners is that CBD is generally well tolerated and comes with few risks, provided it is used safely and according to instructions.

But like any dietary supplement or cannabinoid-rich product, there are a few common side effects associated with CBD in cats. The most common is drowsiness, which usually passes after the first few doses, and altered digestive activity, which is no cause for concern for most cats.

In addition, introducing a CBD product to your cat’s diet can lead to changes in their appetite, increased thirst, and more frequent urination. Some cats may also experience some initial anxiety symptoms from the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system, a potentially overwhelming experience for first-time users.

In most cases, these and other minor side effects can be avoided or minimized by starting with small doses and gradually increasing over the course of a few weeks. By allowing your cat to slowly adjust to the increased cannabinoid saturation, they can reap the benefits of CBD with minimal disruption to their daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many cat CBD treats should I give per day?

The number of CBD cat treats you give your pet daily depends on the potency and CBD dosage instructions listed on the package. For most products, one or two treats a day should be enough to provide your furry friend with all the benefits of CBD without any adverse effects. Always consult product labels for dosing instructions specific to your cat’s individual needs.

2. Is a CBD oil cat formula safe for dogs?

No. CBD formulas designed for cats are not safe for dogs, and vice versa. Both animals metabolize different cannabinoids differently, so it’s important to consult with your veterinarian before giving any CBD product to a pet of a different species. That said, there are some products that are designed to be used by both cats and dogs, but you should confirm the safety of these products with your vet before using them.

3. Is it safe to give my cat CBD treats?

Yes, as long as you purchase them from a trusted and reliable source with third-party lab testing for quality assurance. A high-quality CBD oil cat formula should contain nothing but natural ingredients proven safe for cats. Additionally, CBD extracts should always come from organic hemp plants to ensure your cat’s health and safety with every dose.

4. Do I need a prescription or any special license to buy and use CBD for cats?

No, you don’t need a prescription or any special license to purchase and use CBD for cats. All hemp-derived products offered in the United States are federally legal to purchase without any special visit to a vet or doctor, provided they meet the legal standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and abide by all local laws.

5. Is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil better for cats?

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils will both work equally well for cats, though full-spectrum tends to be more effective since it contains the entire array of cannabinoids found in hemp. That said, if your cat is particularly sensitive to THC or you just want to avoid giving it to them, broad-spectrum CBD oil rich in minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC may be the best choice.

#PetCBD: A Purrfect Solution for Your Cat’s Wellbeing

All in all, CBD is a safe and effective way to provide your cat with relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, skin issues, and more. While it’s important to always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new product into their diet or routine, most cats respond positively when given the right dosage of high-quality hemp extract.

And with careful consideration for dosing instructions and natural ingredients that are proven safe for cats’ skin and fur, you can help ensure maximum comfort while delivering all the benefits of this powerful cannabinoid. So don’t wait – give your feline friend the love they deserve by treating them to some CBD treats that are purrfect for any wellness needs.

Summary of the Best CBD Cat Treats

1. CBD American Shaman: CBD Cat Kitty Nugs: Overall Best CBD Cat Treats
2. Honest Paws: Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats: Reduces Hyperactivity
3. Just CBD: JustPets Cat Treats: Multiple Flavor Options

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