Italian sandwich
Italian sandwich Photos: Jeff Marini

All Together Now

It’s no coincidence that all-day cafés became popular around the time millennials entered the freelance workforce. This army of taste-conscious laptop toters needed a proper place to sit and work, hold impromptu meetings, and look busy while browsing Instagram — specifically, a place that serves more than stale scones. It’s not a stretch to say that All Together Now (previously known as Brothers and Sisters) has perfected the form. By day, tables are dotted with lattes and savory yogurt parfaits brightened with pickled apples. By night, hanger steaks with grilled cabbage emerge from the small back kitchen, trailing an enticing aroma. No matter the hour, the amiable, tattooed servers are ready with a glass of natural wine (it’s never really too early) and a meal worthy of a far spendier restaurant.

Inside All Together Now
Steel-cut oats and hanger steak
From left: Steel-cut oats; hanger steak