Inside Bar Biscay
Photo: Jeff Marini; Illustrations: Justine Wong

Bar Biscay

As Bar Biscay prepared to open in February 2018, the owners were trying to come up with a big signature dish that would capture the restaurant’s boisterous Basque vibe. Chef Johnny Anderes mentioned offhandedly that everyone loved oxtail but “nobody uses the whole thing.” Within 30 minutes, a classic was born: a colossal hunk of long-braised, gelatin-rich meat sprinkled with watercress and orange zest gremolata. Everything at Bar Biscay hums with that same effortless confidence, driven by a menu packed with sea-breezy dishes that channel a cockeyed version of maritime Spain. Color-shifting LED lights, a steady flow of well-shucked oysters, and licoricey shots of Atxa red vermouth make it impossible not to fall under the restaurant’s spell.