Sadly, only a few Chicago interiors stores have earned a national reputation. Jayson is one of them. Martha Stewart Living, Elle Decor, and Vanity Fair, among others, give props to its creepy-cool mix of old and new furniture and accessories. Pick up an antique Parisian tea towel ($32) or—cover your eyes, PETA—old-school antelope taxidermy ($2,495).

How to: Create and maintain a no-fuss terrarium

“Put living sheet moss and a mix of air plants and succulents inside a glass terrarium or globe. 

“For an earthy feel, insert pieces of driftwood or scraps from tree trunks. Place your terrarium in a sunny spot. 

“Remove and soak the air plants once a week, and lightly mist the rest of it every other week to maintain the moisture in the ecosystem. It should last for six months.” —Danielle Freeman, floral department manager at Jayson Home