A self-defense technique designed for the Israeli military may seem a bit extreme for the mean streets of the North Shore. But Sue Garstki’s courses are so good that even local police officers love them. No-bull coaching from this U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame member will prepare you for real-life fight-or-flight scenarios such as a home invasion, carjacking, or armed holdup. Price is $129 to $149 a month; private training is available for $50 a session or $270 for six sessions.

How to: Defend yourself from a chokehold

“Make your hands like hooks. Grab the attacker between the thumb and wrist, which is the weakest part of the arm.

“Explosively pull his hands off your throat and pin them to your shoulders. At the same time, kick the bad guy in the groin.

“Thrust your right elbow or palm into his face.

“Overwhelm him with elbows, knees, fists—whatever you need to do. Then get out of there.” —Sue Gartski, owner of Krav Maga Illinois