Mott St.

Lake: “I love that the exterior of this restaurant is almost like a living art gallery. They constantly tap new artists to change the murals.” 1401 N. Ashland Ave.


Photograph: Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune

North Pilsen

Lake: “The neighborhood is full of beautiful art, specifically 18th Street [from Loomis to Ashland]. Two blocks north, dozens of murals line the 16th Street rail embankment. A living art museum is the best way to describe it.”


Photograph: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune

The Wrigley Building

Kaczmarski: “With a white sky and snow all around, photos turn out beautifully with a monochromatic palette, especially if you can get the river in the shot. It just captures Chicago’s classic architecture and winter weather.” 400 and 410 N. Michigan Ave.


Photograph: Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune

Montrose Harbor

Piercy: “Some of my family’s favorite photos we’ve ever taken are in a field at Montrose Harbor where you can see the entire downtown. It’s super cool. We actually ended up doing our Christmas photo there a few times.” 601 W. Montrose Ave.


Photograph: Philip Dembinski/Columbia College Chicago

Wabash Arts Corridor

Lake: “It just really is the heart of street art. You see a plethora of beautiful murals, some that are making political statements, others that are just whimsical and fun. It’s a great one-stop shop.” 600 S. Michigan Ave.


Photograph: Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune

The Igloos at Fulton Market

Kaczmarski: “I recommend going there at night for the lighting, especially once the snow starts falling.” Fulton Market, from Green to Peoria Streets