Photograph: Edna Vazquez

The expert Edna Jackeline Vazquez Núñez, who completed a 155-mile run in Antarctica in 2016
The hack “I put a little chocolate — some dark chocolate almonds with Himalayan salt from Target or a square of a Lindt Excellence dark chocolate bar — in a Ziploc bag in my running gear. It prevents low energy, low sugar, and fatigue during my run, and unlike gels or bars, it won’t freeze.”

Photograph: Violeta Ochoa Salabert

The expert Violeta Ochoa Salabert, a 26-time marathoner and six-time ultramarathoner who’s trained through 13 Chicago winters
The hack “Rub Vaseline or Aquaphor on your face to protect from windburn.”

Photograph: Lynn Rogers

The expert Lynn Rogers, who’s completed 18 marathons in four countries, a full Ironman triathlon, and six half-Ironmans
The hack “Triathlon shorts or spandex running shorts under running tights give the bum extra wind protection.”

Photograph: Nina Laski

The expert Alexander Pancoe, a Seven Summits climber who’s ascended in temps as cold as 55 below
The hack “Put hot-water bottles in pockets close to your core. It keeps you nice and warm — and then you also have a hot beverage.”

Photograph: Christiana Basso

The expert Maggie Wolff, a Chicago marathon finisher and member of the all-weather outdoor workout group November Project Chicago
The hack “One of my biggest pet peeves is having wet feet. One solution is to put plastic bags over your socks before putting on your shoes. It feels awkward at first, but it keeps my feet dry no matter the conditions.”

Photograph: Lu Yao

The expert Jeff Fine, a seven-time marathoner (including three Boston Marathons) and two-time Ironman triathlete
The hack “Shower coffee! After a cold workout, drink hot coffee when you’re in the shower to warm up quickly.”