Here’s a get-rich-quick scheme we should all get behind on Lunar New Year: dumplings. “People say the more you eat during New Year time, the more money you will make next year,” says Jesse Li of the Chinatown dumpling authority Qing Xiang Yuan. Li credits the tasty little pockets’ auspiciousness to their shape, said to resemble ancient gold ingots. Try your luck this Lunar New Year (January 22) with Li’s version, which features a juicy, ginger-perfumed pork filling and a time-saving assist from frozen wrappers (available at most grocery stores). Whether or not you make bank, a plate heaped with these golden beauties is a very rich thing indeed.

Qing Xiang Yuan’s Pork Dumplings

Makes:About 60 dumplings
Active time:40 minutes
Total time:1 hour

1 lb.Ground pork
2 Tbsp.Soy sauce
¼ tsp.Shaoxing cooking wine
2 tsp.Chicken bouillon powder (like Lee Kum Kee brand)
¾ tsp.Salt
4¼ tsp.Vegetable oil, plus more for cooking
½ tsp.Sesame oil
4 tsp.Grated ginger
1 tsp.Sugar
2 packagesChinese dumpling wrappers, defrosted but cold
2 Tbsp. plus ¾ tsp.Cornstarch

1. Make the filling: In a medium bowl, gently combine first 10 ingredients along with ¾ cup water.

2. Assemble dumplings: Lay a dumpling wrapper flat and use your finger to rub a little water around the edge. Place a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center and bring the bottom up over the filling, pinching at the top to seal. To finish shaping, hold the dumpling’s base between your thumbs and fingertips. Use your index fingers to sweep the wrapper’s outer corners away from you and up to the top of the dumpling, pinching to seal. The wrapper should form a pouch. Set dumpling aside and repeat until all the filling has been used.

3. Fry dumplings: Stir together the cornstarch and 1 cup of water in a small bowl. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large, lidded skillet over medium heat until it shimmers. Add a single layer of dumplings and cook for 2 minutes, swirling the pan to prevent sticking. Pour in about 3 tablespoons of the cornstarch mixture, cover, and increase the heat to medium-high. Steam until filling is fully cooked and dumplings are golden brown underneath, 5 to 6 minutes. Repeat with remaining dumplings.