All-you-can-eat conveyor belt Japanese hot pot may not sound like an ideal date night, but for me and my wife, it works. After her hot yoga class, I’ll meet her at nearby Shabu Plus for the kind of hearty yet light meal you crave after a workout.

The midrange package includes beef brisket and chuck roll as well as pork, chicken, and all the goodies zipping by on the conveyor belt: corn, snow peas, four kinds of mushrooms, a dozen different greens, tofu, and fish cakes. Also included are desserts (mochi ice cream, crêpe cake) and a trip to the DIY sauce bar, which brims with so much cut fruit, soup, and other treats it’s like an old-school salad bar. My wife likes the rich tonkotsu broth, beef, and gai lan with a soy-vinegar dip. I’m the glutton in the relationship, so I want it all, especially tofu skin noodles in an umami-loaded mushroom broth and creamy sesame dip with chile paste.

New locations will open soon in the South Loop, Chinatown, and Aurora. To prepare yourself, learn the rules: If you don’t eat everything you take, you’ll incur a charge — say, $10 for a plate of beef. After 90 minutes you must stop, but if you finish within an hour, you’ll get a 15 percent discount. If poor chopstick skills mean you experience drippage, no problem: Spritz yourself at the hilarious full-body freshening station on the way out.