The Blanche

TriBecca’s Sandwich Shop

The tiny shop offers a line of four Golden Girls–themed English muffin breakfast sandwiches (one for each character), and the Blanche pays homage to the saucy Southern belle. It features candied bacon, a folded scrambled egg, white cheddar, Duke’s mayo, and some pickled jalapeños for a little tangy heat. $8.95. 2949 W. Belmont Ave., Avondale


Veggie, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich from Loaf Lounge

Veggie, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Loaf Lounge

Loaded with braised kale, pickled mushrooms and peppers, herbed mayo, American cheese, and a perfectly runny egg, this tasty number is a worthy order whether you’re vegetarian or not. The tender housemade English muffin brings it home. $8. 2934 N. Milwaukee Ave., Avondale


Fried Egg Sandwich from Ragadan

Fried Egg Sandwich


A Jordanian street-food-inspired spot, Ragadan offers creative egg sandwiches in addition to falafel and burgers. This one features two fried eggs, a swipe of hummus, tahini salad, and spicy green chile sauce, all tucked into a pita. Bonus: It’s available all day. $8. 4409 N. Broadway, Uptown


Freeman Torta from Second Generation

Freeman Torta

Second Generation

During brunch (available Friday to Sunday), you can get this behemoth of a breakfast sando with salmon belly pastrami, scrambled egg, avocado, dill, and crema on a brioche bun. It’s just the serious breakfast you need to fuel your weekend. $17. 3057 W. Logan Blvd., Logan Square


Breakfast Sandwich from Kasama

Breakfast Sandwich


You can order it with either a longanisa sausage patty or a hash brown, but the correct answer is with both. The fluffy egg, sweet-savory longanisa, crispy hash brown, and melty American cheese layered on a squishy potato bun is a master class in texture. $11.75. 1001 N. Winchester Ave., East Ukrainian Village