Start with the meat: Order SOPPRESSATA (9), which Thompson makes with sweet chile flakes, white pepper, garlic, and white wine. Though he slices it thinly for sandwiches, on the board it’s more rustic. “Chewing it leads to a greater olfactory experience,” he says. “And that’s how I recall eating it in Italy, France, and Germany.” Add FROMAGE DE TÊTE (7), which Thompson smears onto a crisp and tops with grainy mustard — and a pour of smoky, bittersweet AMARO SFUMATO (6) to balance the porkiness — along with TRUFFLED LARDO (4), which he dubs “basically truffled pork butter.” He marinates salt-cured pork fat with red wine vinegar, garlic, rosemary, and black truffle shavings, then whips it. To make spicy, spreadable ’NDUJA (8), he uses pork belly, Calabrian chiles, smoked and sweet paprika, and salt. Load it onto BREAD (5) from West Town’s Aya Pastry, and accent with honey. His SALAME CALABRESE (3) is inspired by Calabrian versions but has a Midwest touch. “I dry chiles from Michigan’s Seedling Fruit and make chile powder and paste,” Thompson says. Onto the cheese: JEFFS’ SELECT GOUDA (10) is aged in Minnesota caves and loaded with crunchy salt crystals. The stewed fruit flavors of OLIVARES DULCE MONASTRELL (1), a Spanish wine, are the ideal match for MOBAY (2), a goat’s and sheep’s milk cheese from Wisconsin’s Carr Valley. And for a universal pairing: ROGUE VINE JAMÓN JAMÓN (11), a Chilean orange wine. Its bright acidity zips through the rich flavors. 2200 N. California Ave., Logan Square