Gynecologic Oncology

Jean A. Hurteau

Cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer; minimally invasive surgery. Evanston, Highland Park. 847-570-2639

Ernst Lengyel

Endometrial, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6722

John R. Lurain III

Gestational trophoblastic disease; cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Ronald K. Potkul

Cervical, ovarian, vulvar, and vaginal cancer; robotic surgery. Loyola. 708-216-3383

Gustavo C. Rodriguez

Cancer prevention; ovarian cancer; ovarian cancer (early detection). Evanston. 847-570-2639

Jacob Rotmensch

Cervical, endometrial, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Rush. 312-942-6300

S. Diane Yamada

Cervical, genital tract, ovarian, and uterine cancer; gynecologic cancer; minimally invasive surgery. Chicago. 773-702-6123

Medical Oncology

Kathy Sue Albain

Breast and lung cancer; cancer survivors (late effects of therapy); mesothelioma. Loyola. 708-327-3102

Kathy Albain

Medical oncologist
Loyola University Health System

Dr. Kathy Albain

In her 30-plus-year career, Kathy Albain, 63, has led some 40 studies in the fight against lung and breast cancer. Last year alone, she fronted two landmark trials: the first to preserve fertility and prevent early menopause in young women undergoing treatments; the second, a decade in the making, to definitively prove that many breast cancer patients can safely avoid chemotherapy. Through gene analysis, doctors rate patients’ tumors on a scale from 1 to 100—the lower the score, the less likely the need for chemo. “These are some of the biggest concerns for women with breast cancer. It’s not the pain or the nausea anymore, we’ve got drugs for those,” Albain says. “This research helps us cut a lot of the debilitating side effects we couldn’t control before. Ultimately, these women will have a better quality of life both during and after treatment.”

Al Bowen Benson III

Colon, gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and rectal cancer. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Michael R. Bishop

Leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; multiple myeloma; stem cell transplant. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Dr. Michael Bishop
Photo: Tim Klein

Michael Bishop

Medical oncologist
University of Chicago Medical Center

Lengthy and isolating hospital stays are a thing of the past for some cancer patients at the University of Chicago Medicine’s outpatient blood and bone marrow stem cell transplant unit. Led by Michael Bishop, the key force behind its opening in 2014, the clinic allows patients to receive treatment and return daily to their families and the comforts of home. “When you’re getting up and moving around, the lungs are more expanded, the oxygenation is better, and organs perform better,” says Bishop, 56, who is also a leader in the area of relapse after stem cell transplants. “The No. 1 cause of death after transplantation is recurrence of disease,” he says. “Why does one patient go on to get to spend time with her kids, and the other one, nine months later, her disease comes back? Understanding the biology—this has been the true focus of my career.”

Jacob David Bitran

Breast and lung cancer; bone marrow transplant. Lutheran. 847-268-8200

Philip David Bonomi

Lung and thymic cancer; mesothelioma. Rush. 312-942-5904

Bruce Earl Brockstein

Head and neck cancer; melanoma; sarcoma. Evanston. 847-570-2112

Joseph Ignatius Clark

Head, kidney, and neck cancer; melanoma. Loyola. 708-327-3217

Joseph Clark is leading the first Midwest clinical trial of an experimental vaccine that trains melanoma patients’ immune systems to fight the cancer.

Melody Ann Cobleigh

Breast cancer. Rush. 312-942-5904

Suzanne D. Conzen

Breast cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Gini F. Fleming

Breast cancer (novel therapies); gynecologic and ovarian cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Ellen R. Gaynor

Bladder, breast, prostate, and testicular cancer. Loyola. 708-327-3214

William J. Gradishar

Breast cancer. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Philip C. Hoffman

Lung and breast cancer. Chicago. 773-834-7424

Andrzej Jakubowiak

Multiple myeloma; bone marrow transplant. Chicago. 773-795-1180

Hedy Lee Kindler

Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer; mesothelioma. Chicago. 773-702-0360

Timothy M. Kuzel

Kidney and urologic cancer; non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; melanoma. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Chadi Nabhan

Hematologic malignancies; leukemia and lymphoma; prostate cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Olufunmilayo I. Olopade

Breast cancer; breast cancer genetics; cancer risk assessment; hereditary cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Howard Ozer

Leukemia; lymphoma. IHHSS. 312-355-1625

David J. Peace

Prostate cancer; Lymphoma; hematologic malignancies. IHHSS. 312-355-1625

Mark J. Ratain

Solid tumors; drug development; clinical trials. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Jon Morgan Richards

Melanoma. Lutheran, Skokie. 847-268-8200

Ravi Salgia

Lung and thoracic cancer; mesothelioma; carcinoid tumors. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Sonali M. Smith

Hodgkin’s lymphoma; lymphoma; non-Hodgkin’s; clinical trials; stem cell transplant. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Walter M. Stadler

Bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Everett E. Vokes

Esophageal, head, lung, and neck cancer; gene therapy. Chicago. 773-702-6149

Radiation Oncology

Ross Allen Abrams

Gastrointestinal cancer; lymphoma; sarcoma (soft tissue). Rush. 312-942-5751

Azhar Mahmood Awan

Solid tumors; breast and prostate cancer; sarcoma (soft tissue). Sherman. 224-783-8746

Philip Paul Connell

Pediatric and thoracic cancers; sarcoma. Chicago. 773-702-6870

Bahman Emami

Lung, head, and neck cancer; acoustic neuroma. Loyola. 708-216-2729

Howard J. Halpern

Breast cancer; intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT); image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT); brachytherapy; meningiomas. IHHSS. 312-996-3631

Daniel James Haraf

Lung, prostate, head, and neck cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6870

Bharat Bhushan Mittal

Head, neck, skin, and thyroid cancer; lymphoma. Northwestern. 312-926-2520

William Small Jr.

Breast, gastrointestinal, gynecologic, and pancreatic cancer. Loyola. 708-216-2729