Allergy & Immunology

Leslie C. Grammer

Asthma; sinusitis; drug and food allergy. Northwestern. 312-695-8624

Paul A. Greenberger

Asthma; anaphylaxis; drug and food allergy. Northwestern. 312-695-8624

Mary Tobin

Food allergy. Rush. 312-942-6296

Clinical Genetics

Barbara Burton

Marfan syndrome; phenylketonuria; lysosomal diseases; inborn errors of metabolism. Lurie. 312-227-6120

Joel Charrow

Biochemical genetics; lysosomal diseases; neurofibromatosis. Lurie. 312-227-6120

Lee P. Shulman

Genetic disorders; ovarian cancer; prenatal genetic diagnosis. Northwestern. 312-472-4151

Infectious Disease

Susan Ellen Cohn

AIDS/HIV; women’s health; HIV in pregnancy. Northwestern. 312-926-8358

John P. Flaherty

AIDS/HIV; orthopedic infectious disease; travel-related infections. Northwestern. 312-926-8358

Richard M. Novak

AIDS/HIV. IHHSS. 312-996-5527

James Paul O’Keefe

AIDS/HIV; fungal infections; surgical infections. Loyola. 708-216-9000

Kenneth Pursell

Transplant infections; AIDS/HIV; infections in immunocompromised patients. Chicago. 773-834-1443

Beverly E. Sha

AIDS/HIV in women. Rush. 312-942-5865

Gordon M. Trenholme

Fevers of unknown origin; malaria; tropical diseases. Rush. 312-942-5865

Internal Medicine

Richard Kleven Burt

Stem cell transplant in lupus, Crohn’s disease, and MS; autoimmune disease. Northwestern. 312-695-4960


Barry G.W. Arnason

MS; myasthenia gravis; autoimmune disease; Guillain-Barré syndrome. Chicago. 773-702-6222

Richard A. Bernstein

Stroke and cerebrovascular disease; arteriovenous malformations; aneurysm. Northwestern. 312-695-7950

Jose Biller

Vascular neurology; stroke in children; aneurysm. Loyola. 708-216-4702

Allan M. Burke

Stroke and cerebrovascular disease; neurologic imaging. Northwestern. 312-944-0063

Christopher G. Goetz

Movement disorders; Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease; dystonia. Rush. 312-563-2900

James Goodwin

Optic nerve disorders; neuro-ophthalmology; neuromuscular disorder and vision problems. IEEI. 312-996-9120

Timothy C. Hain

Neuro-otology; balance disorders; motion sickness; Ménière’s disease. Northwestern. 312-274-0197

Daniel Homer

Stroke. Evanston. 847-570-2570

Demetrius Maraganore

Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease. Glenbrook. 847-570-2570

Dr. Demetrius Maraganore
Photo: Tim Klein

Demetrius Maraganore

NorthShore University HealthSystem

“If we live long enough, we will all get Alzheimer’s,” says Demetrius Maraganore, 54, director of the Center for Brain Health at NorthShore Neurological Institute. “We need to change the paradigm of neurology so that we’re not only managing the disease, but preventing it.” At the center, which opened in June, specialists assess patients’ risk factors for Alzheimer’s and develop individualized programs to protect against the disease. Maraganore, one of the most cited experts on Parkinson’s disease (his other “obsession”), also champions the use of electronic medical records and digital health tools to track and share best practices for treatment of brain disorders. “Most doctors hate electronic medical records, but it’s the marketplace where all interactions and transactions in health care occur,” he says.

Marsel Mesulam

Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; epilepsy; memory disorders. Northwestern. 312-908-9339

Anthony T. Reder

MS; tetanus; neuromyelitis optica; trigeminal neuralgia. Chicago. 773-702-6222

Lawrence D. Robbins

Headache; migraine; psychopharmacology; pain management. 847-374-9399

Raymond Roos

ALS; MS; neurodegenerative disorders; prion diseases. Chicago. 773-702-6222

Susan M. Rubin

MS in women; epilepsy in pregnancy; headache and migraine in women. Glenbrook. 847-570-2570

Teepu Siddique

ALS; neurogenetics; spasticity management; neurodegenerative disorders. Northwestern. 312-695-7950

Robert B. Wright

Myasthenia gravis; migraine; headache; trigeminal neuralgia. Rush. 312-942-5936

Simon Zimnowodzki

Electromyography; ALS; myasthenia gravis; nerve injuries. IHHSS. 312-996-4780

Pain Medicine

Honorio T. Benzon

Back and neuropathic pain; reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Northwestern. 312-695-2500

Timothy R. Lubenow

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy; spinal cord stimulation. Rush. 312-942-6631

Santhanam Suresh

Pediatric pain. Lurie. 312-227-5157

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

David Chen

Spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. RIC. 312-238-1000

Joseph Larry Feldman

Lymphedema; electromyography. Evanston. 847-503-4500

Michelle S. Gittler

Spinal cord injury; amputee and trauma rehabilitation. Schwab. 773-522-6617

Mary Elizabeth Keen

Pediatric rehabilitation; spasticity management; neurodevelopmental disabilities; autism. Marianjoy. 630-909-7000

Kristi L. Kirschner

Adult spina bifida; neuromuscular disorders. Schwab. 773-522-5853

Todd Alan Kuiken

Amputee rehabilitation; prosthesis control; gait disorders. RIC. 312-238-1000

Joel Murray Press

Sports medicine; back pain; musculoskeletal injuries. RIC. 312-238-1000

Joel Press developed an elliptical trainer with side-to-side and rotation motions (not just front to back) that better simulates real-life activities and helps patients with lower-limb injuries.

Elliot Jay Roth

Stroke, neurologic, geriatric, and brain injury rehabilitation. RIC. 312-238-1000

Charles Edward Sisung

Rheumatic diseases of childhood; trauma rehabilitation; burn care. RIC. 312-238-1000

James Anthony Sliwa

Post-polio syndrome and rehabilitation; back pain. RIC. 312-238-1000


Geraldine Susan Fox

Child and adolescent psychiatry; couples and family therapy. IHHSS. 312-996-9506

Jon Edgar Grant

Impulse control disorders; gay and lesbian issues; sexual dysfunction; addiction psychiatry. Chicago. 773-702-3858

Mark Harris Pollack

Anxiety, mood, and panic disorders; PTSD; psychopharmacology. Rush. 312-942-5372


Rowland Waton Chang

Rheumatoid arthritis; arthritis; ankylosing spondylitis. RIC. 312-238-0843

James Joseph Curran

Polymyositis; dermatomyositis. Chicago. 773-702-6119

Robert Stephen Katz

Rheumatoid arthritis; lupus and SLE; fibromyalgia; ankylosing spondylitis. Rush. 312-226-8228

Richard M. Pope

Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis; Sjögren’s syndrome. Northwestern. 312-695-8628

John Varga

Scleroderma. Northwestern. 312-695-8628

Sports Medicine

Bernard Raymond Bach Jr.

Knee injuries and surgery; ACL and shoulder surgery. Rush. 312-432-2353

Charles A. Bush-Joseph

Arthroscopic surgery (knee); rotator cuff surgery; geriatric medicine. Rush. 312-432-2345