Adolescent Medicine

Robert Garofalo

AIDS/HIV; STDs; preventive medicine; gay, lesbian, and transgender health. Lurie. 312-227-6800

Garry S. Sigman

Eating and behavioral disorders; obesity. Loyola. 708-327-9119

Garry Sigman, the founder of Loyola’s acclaimed pediatric weight management program, specializes in treating adolescents, who often get left out of pediatric or adult programs.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Mina K. Dulcan

ADD/ADHD. Lurie, Northwestern. 312-227-3413

Marcia Slomowitz

ADD/ADHD; bipolar and mood disorders; anxiety and depression. Northwestern. 312-726-1083

Child Neurology

Leon G. Epstein

Migraine. Lurie. 312-227-3550

Michael H. Kohrman

Epilepsy; seizure and sleep disorders; tuberous sclerosis. Comer. 773-702-6487

James Tonsgard

Neurofibromatosis. Comer. 773-702-6487

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Aaron Hamvas

Genetic lung disease. Lurie. 312-227-4190

Jonathan Muraskas

Prematurity and low-birth-weight infants; multiple gestation; conjoined twins; ethics. McDonald. 708-216-1067

Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Jacqueline Pongracic

Latex and food allergy; asthma. Lurie. 312-227-6010

Dr. Jacqueline Pongracic
Photo: Tim Klein

Jacqueline Pongracic

Pediatric allergist and immunologist
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hosptial

Since 2013, Jacqueline Pongracic, 54, has led a first-of-its-kind study in Chicago in which children with severe peanut allergies wear a skin patch (similar to the nicotine variety) that contains a small dose of peanut protein. At first, patients experienced swelling and mild rashes, but after two years of treatment, 70 percent have seen their tolerance for the allergen build significantly. “With the patch, the critical cells in the skin are exposed to daily doses, slowly building tolerance to the allergy over time,” explains Pongracic. The FDA has already fast-tracked production, and the patch, manufactured by a French firm, could be sold as soon as this year. Next up: a milk allergy patch.

Raoul Wolf

Asthma; allergy; immune deficiency. Comer. 773-834-4010

Pediatric Cardiology

Brojendra Agarwala

Congenital heart disease. Comer. 773-702-6172

Joel T. Hardin

Congenital heart disease; heart disease in adolescents; Marfan syndrome; cardiac effects of muscular dystrophy. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Elfriede Pahl

Transplant medicine (heart); heart failure; congenital heart disease; Kawasaki disease. Lurie. 312-227-4100

Pediatric Endocrinology

Donald Zimmerman

Growth disorders in childhood cancer; thyroid cancer and disorders; growth and development disorders. Lurie. 312-227-6090

Pediatric Gastroenterology

James Berman

IBD and Crohn’s disease; nutrition; ulcerative colitis. McDonald. 708-327-9073

Stefano Guandalini

Celiac disease; digestive disorders; diarrheal diseases. Comer. 773-702-6418

Stefano Guandalini

Pediatric gastroenterologist
University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital

Dr. Stefano Guandalini

It seems like everyone is hopping on the no-gluten bandwagon lately, but Stefano Guandalini, 68, has been recommending this diet for over 40 years. He sees patients with celiac disease, the gluten-induced autoimmune disorder that damages the small intestine and affects roughly 1 percent of the population (though that percentage is on the rise). Guandalini is currently working with a colleague to create a new gene-based model for personalized celiac care. Think of it as an individualized gut check: Doctors take a biopsy of a patient’s intestine to gain a better understanding of that patient’s unique immune reaction to gluten. “Even though the symptoms are the same, celiac is different for everyone. What’s unique is that we’ll be able to find the best way to restore gluten tolerance on an individual basis,” Guandalini says. “It’s still in the initial stages, but it’s the beginning of a cure.”

T.S. Gunasekaran

GERD; esophageal disorders; IBD; recurrent abdominal pain. Lutheran. 847-723-7700

Barbara S. Kirschner

Ulcerative colitis; recurrent abdominal pain; IBD and Crohn’s disease. Comer. 773-702-6418

Peter F. Whitington

Transplant medicine (liver); liver disease. Lurie. 312-227-4200

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Susan L. Cohn

Pediatric cancers; neuroblastoma. Comer. 773-702-6808

Susan Cohn is a leading authority on neuroblastoma, a difficult-to-treat cancer of the nerve cells that is most common among young children.

John M. Cunningham

Stem cell transplant; sickle cell disease; thalassemia; clinical trials. Comer. 773-834-8198

Stewart Goldman

Neuro-oncology; brain tumors; clinical trials; stem cell transplant. Lurie. 312-227-4090

Ammar Hayani

Leukemia; solid tumors; lymphoma. DuPage. 630-933-4291

Lewis Hsu

Sickle cell disease. IHHSS. 312-996-6143

Ricarchito B. Manera

Leukemia and lymphoma; bleeding and coagulation disorders. Christ. 708-684-4094

Elaine R. Morgan

Leukemia; palliative care; ethics; hemophagocytic syndrome. Lurie. 312-227-4090

Sharad N. Salvi

Leukemia and lymphoma; bleeding and coagulation disorders; anemia; solid tumors. DuPage. 630-933-4291

Pediatric Infectious Disease

Stanford Shulman

Kawasaki disease; streptococcal infections. Lurie, Northwestern. 312-227-4080

Pediatric Nephrology

Craig Langman

Kidney stones; juvenile osteoporosis; oxalosis. Lurie. 312-227-6160

Pediatric Otolaryngology

Fuad Baroody

Ear infections; sinus and airway disorders; sleep disorders and apnea. Comer. 773-702-4790

Andrew J. Hotaling

Sleep disorders, apnea, and snoring; neck masses; ear infections; hearing disorders and tinnitus. Loyola. 708-216-9183

Robert Paul Miller

Ear disorders and surgery; airway, sinus, tonsil, and adenoid disorders. Lutheran. 847-674-5585

Dana M. Thompson

Swallowing and laryngeal disorders; tracheal reconstruction. Lurie. 312-227-6230

Pediatric Pulmonology

Thomas P. Green

Respiratory failure; breathing disorders. Lurie. 312-227-6260

Susanna A. McColley

Cystic fibrosis; asthma; chronic cough. Lurie. 312-227-6260

Pediatric Rheumatology

Marisa Klein-Gitelman

Lupus and SLE; juvenile arthritis. Lurie. 312-227-6270

Karen B. Onel

Lupus and SLE; vasculitis; juvenile arthritis. Comer. 773-702-6169

Linda Wagner-Weiner

Lupus and SLE; juvenile arthritis; vasculitis; dermatomyositis. Comer. 773-702-6169

Pediatric Surgery

Robert Mason Arensman

Congenital anomalies; pediatric thoracic surgery. IHHSS. 312-355-0688

Jessica J. Kandel

Neuroblastoma; neonatal surgery; Wilms’ tumor. Comer. 773-702-6175

Marleta Reynolds

Minimally invasive surgery; trauma; congenital anomalies; pediatric cancers. Lurie. 312-227-4210

Riccardo Superina

Pediatric transplant surgery; kidney and liver transplant; hepatobiliary surgery. Lurie. 312-227-4040

Pediatric Urology

Earl Y. Cheng

Genital and urinary reconstruction; hypospadias; neurogenic bladder. Lurie. 312-227-6340

Mohan S. Gundeti

Robotic and laparoscopic surgery; bladder reconstruction; congenital anomalies. Comer. 773-702-6150

David A. Hatch

Transplant medicine (kidney); congenital genitourinary anomalies. McDonald. 708-216-6266

Max Maizels

Fetal urology; hypospadias; genital and urinary reconstruction. Lurie. 312-227-6340


Stephen Howard Sheldon

Sleep disorders and apnea. Lurie. 312-227-6740

Stephen Sheldon runs the largest sleep center in the state that is solely for children—providing clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for all forms of sleep disorders.