Diagnostic Radiology

Abraham H. Dachman

Gastrointestinal and abdominal imaging; pancreatic cancer. Chicago. 773-702-6200

Robert R. Edelman

MRI; cardiac CT angiography; cardiac MRI. Evanston. 847-570-2553

Heber MacMahon

Thoracic radiology; lung cancer. Chicago. 773-702-1604

Frank H. Miller

Abdominal and gastrointestinal imaging; genitourinary radiology; MRI. Northwestern. 312-695-3775

Dana M. Thompson

Swallowing and laryngeal disorders; tracheal reconstruction. Lurie. 312-227-6230


Gregory A. Christoforidis

Interventional neuroradiology; stroke; aneurysm; arteriovenous malformations. Chicago. 773-702-3654

Thomas Grobelny

Interventional neuroradiology; cerebral aneurysm; stroke; arteriovenous malformations. Christ, Lutheran. 847-430-6108

Seon-Kyu Lee

Interventional neuroradiology; cerebral aneurysm; arteriovenous malformations; carotid artery stent placement. Chicago. 773-702-3654

Eric J. Russell

Head and neck radiology; interventional neuroradiology; spinal imaging; vascular malformations. Northwestern. 312-695-5103

Keith R. Thulborn

MRI. IHHSS. 312-413-4900

Nuclear Medicine

Daniel Appelbaum

PET imaging; nuclear cardiology. Chicago. 773-834-2012

Gary L. Dillehay

Thyroid cancer; nuclear cardiology. Northwestern. 312-926-5119

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Brian Funaki

Noninvasive vascular imaging; uterine fibroid embolization. Chicago. 773-702-1607

Albert A. Nemcek Jr.

Radio-frequency tumor ablation; vascular disease; liver cancer; bone tumors. Northwestern. 312-926-5200

Riad Salem

Cancer radiotherapy and chemoembolization; liver cancer and chemoembolization. Northwestern. 312-695-5753

Riad Salem is a nationally renowned pioneer in the use of minimally invasive embolization therapy, in which tiny radioactive beads are injected into liver cancer tumors to fight the disease.

Steven J. Smith

Angioplasty (peripheral vascular disease); varicocele embolization; uterine fibroid embolization. La Grange. 630-856-7460

Robert Vogelzang

Uterine fibroid and varicocele embolization; vascular malformations. Northwestern. 312-926-5200