The 25-year-old Logan Square resident delights in peppering the Twittersphere (@iantherage) with droll one-liners such as “I tried to get my checking account to check on my savings, but it didn’t have any interest.” The regular on the standup scene has lately been running around town staging madcap pranks. In one, he put a comedian on trial for bombing onstage; in another, he concocted a funeral for a vaudevillian prop comic who died unexpectedly at age 130. He cranked up the dial to full-tilt bizarro a third time in May when he forced half a dozen standup comics to perform to an empty room while an audience watched elsewhere via live streaming. Catch Abramson doing his own routine at the Lincoln Lodge showcase (August 1, Subterranean) and at the Two-Hour Comedy Hour (August 9, Gallery Cabaret).