Roasted Slagel Farm rib eye
Roasted Slagel Farm rib eye Photos: Jeff Marini

Pacific Standard Time

When you consider the talent behind PST — a team that includes former Nico chef Erling Wu-Bower and former Grace pastry chef Natalie Saben — the California-inspired bistro may be the least surprising success story of the past year. Yet it still manages to exceed its massive expectations. In a bright and open room that’s invariably (and justifiably) described as “airy,” an endless crush of customers comes in search of seven-spice beer bacon for brunch, wood-fired pita with ahi-studded hummus for lunch, and roasted rib eye with miso bagna cauda for dinner. An absurd noise level and overeager servers may feel more Atlantic than Pacific, but whatever. PST is in the zone.

Inside PST