Tomatoes: Froggy Meadow Farm

Farmers’ Market (North): Division Street City Market

Farmers’ Market (South): Plant Chicago Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market (West): Logan Square Farmers Market

Cake for Kids: Molly’s Cupcakes

Cake for Grownups: Brown Sugar Bakery

Deli: Tempesta Market

Green Smoothie: Yello! You’ve Reached the Greensteins at Real Good Juice Co.

Grilled Cheese: The Ruin Daily

Well-Dressed Fries: Italian beef frites at Friistyle

Doughnuts: Do-Rite Donuts

Meal Delivery: Meez Meals

Italian Market: Freddy’s

Breakfast Burrito: Lula Cafe

Place to Drink With Your Dog: Half Acre Balmoral Tap Room

Roast Chicken: Somerset

Breakfast Plate: The Van Doozer at Cherry Circle Room

Fancy Oysters: Roister

Soup Dumplings: Shanghai Terrace

Impossible Burger Swill Burger: at the Swill Inn

Sausages for Grilling: Hot Italian sausage at Eataly

Pancakes: Coconut pancakes from Mott St.

Cold Brew: Sparrow Coffee

Charcuterie: Soppressata from Salumi Chicago

Kombucha: Orange-basil from Arize Kombucha