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Nights you don’t mind a hangover the next day

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The daily slushie, dispensed from a machine dubbed Keanu Freeze

Toby Maloney made his name in Chicago as the head bartender of the Violet Hour, but he’s also behind Mother’s Ruin, which debuted in New York in 2011 before opening locations in Nashville and, last year, here. Don’t come expecting Violet Hour 2.0 — this bar is the Wicker Park speakeasy’s polar opposite. You order at the bar, and you wouldn’t repeat many of the cocktail names in polite company. If that all appeals, then here’s your new go-to, where the drinks are cold and the food is tasty (the Old Bay waffle fries with caramelized onion dip are a revelation). Doors open at 11 a.m. for those days you want to get started early. 2943 N. Milwaukee Ave.