Hinsdale —When it opened in late 2002, it was heralded as the McDonald’s of the future, with tall booths, mezzanine-level seating, and a chandelier. My great-aunt and -uncle, both in their mid-90s, loved to go to what they called the “fancy McDonald’s” for an afternoon that was just a little bit extra. I’ve still never seen a chandelier at any other McDonald’s, but the one on York Road, a 10-minute drive from the company’s old headquarters, has moved on to new decor anyway. It’s now the McDonald’s of an even more futuristic future, a bellwether for the latest changes rolling out across the chain: LED menu boards, table service, and an airy modern farmhouse feel, complete with planter boxes dangling above the booths by leather straps. Some claim the food tastes better there. Sometimes the employees forget to put the cheese on my Filet-O-Fish. It’s still where I wanted to go on my first outing after having a baby — an afternoon that was ordinary but a little bit extra.