Illustrated Homewood map
Illustration: Jens Magnusson

Homewood —An appreciation of fine art leads enthusiasts to Paris, London, Mexico City … and Homewood? Believe it. The south suburban town has the world’s largest collection of New York City–based artist Richard Haas’s hyperrealistic architectural murals. His relationship with Homewood started after the mayor asked him to create a few murals in the early 1980s, a commission that turned into a long-term series. In total, Haas has converted the sides of 15 buildings using the centuries-old trompe l’oeil (French for “deceive the eye”) painting technique. “Although they’re not all connected, the murals tell a story about the town’s history that people wouldn’t otherwise know,” says Haas. Below you will find four of our favorites. For all 15, go to


1. Greenhouse

18064 Martin Ave.

Photos: Lucy Hewett


‘Historic Dixie Highway’

2. Historic Dixie Highway

18155 Dixie Hwy.


‘1950s Diner’

3. 1950s Diner

18681 Dixie Hwy.


‘Train Roundhouse’

4. Train Roundhouse

18137 Harwood Ave.