Naperville —Before master roaster Chris Chacko opened Sparrow Coffee’s sole café and retail outlet — in Naperville, no less — the only way you could taste the vaunted brews of this West Town–based roastery was to dine at one of the 300 or so high-end restaurants around the country he deigned to sell to. (Chicago profiled Chacko in 2017. The title of the article? “Are You Worthy of This Man’s Coffee?”) Now, hallelujah, you can buy Sparrow’s coffee by the bag and simultaneously enjoy a sumptuous latte — made with organic milk from small-farm-raised cows — while ensconced in a comfy leather banquette. Gray Washburn, the café’s culinary director (yes, Sparrow has one) spent weeks honing his recipe for the Belgian waffles. They cost $4 apiece, but, my, are they good.