Oak Lawn

Kabanosy at Joe & Frank’s

Your beef jerky wishes it could be this super-savory pork sausage, cured in the back of the store. $5.29 a pound



Pierogi at Signature Euro Deli

With skin so thin it borders on translucent, Signature’s dumplings pop in your mouth like potato-bacon caviar. $10 for a dozen


Willowbrook and Palos Hills

Bigos at Lassak Market & Deli

Like a meat treasure hunt: Nubs of various smoky cured proteins take shelter in tangles of tart sauerkraut. $3.99 a pound


Smoked Pork Butt
Multiple locations

Smoked Pork Butt at Deli 4 You

A 24-hour slow smoke makes for an exterior reminiscent of the bark on a great piece of Texas barbecue. $4.79 a pound



Golabki at European Deli & Subs

A hefty dose of black pepper in the tomato sauce gives this stuffed cabbage serious bite. $4.99 a pound