When this pandemic is over, I may not be making seven-hour slow-cooked beans or buying chile crisp in bulk from H Mart anymore, but one quarantine habit will definitely stick with me: canned wine. I’ve decided that this is the optimal way to buy wine. Cans are perfectly portioned to keep you from overimbibing on a Monday, you don’t need to open a whole bottle for a recipe, and they’re good. I’ve especially dug the refreshing red blend from Nomadica (Bitter Pops carries some of its offerings, or you can order online at explorenomadica.com) and Scribe Winery’s juicy Una Lou California rosé (it’s available at Foxtrot). But my favorite reason: You can open a can of bubbly (like the crisp Lil Fizz from No Fine Print, sold at Binny’s) to toast getting to the end of another Tuesday — without wondering what the heck to do with the rest of the bottle.