Hot Date

Strip steak hot pot

All-you-can-eat conveyor belt Japanese hot pot may not sound like an ideal date night, but for me and my wife, it works. After her hot yoga class, I’ll meet her at nearby Shabu Plus for the kind of hearty yet light meal you crave after a workout. The midrange package includes beef brisket and chuck … Read more

Pasta Prince

Reginette with roast pork, black beans, and giardiniera from Flour Power

Trying to decide where to dine out today raises all kinds of questions. Is the food good? Can I go without a reservation? Are the ingredients responsibly sourced? At Wilson Bauer and Alice Richter’s Flour Power, the answers are all yes. But the menu is so teensy — just three daily pastas ($16 to $18), focaccia, and … Read more