Most dive bars are way past the age of having to show an ID at the door, but the Kedzie Inn managed to achieve the extremely difficult task of becoming a new dive — it’s only been open since 2018. Owner Jon Pokorny took over the space that was once Brisku’s Bistro and turned it into the perfect little neighborhood dive. From the outside, it’s your typical tavern, but once inside, you’ll find an impressive whiskey selection, a tasty tavern-style pizza, and an open mic comedy night every Wednesday. It’s the type of spot with lots of regulars — including Mike Sula, food writer for the Chicago Reader, who started a regular event called Monday Night Food Ball, featuring indie pop-ups like Pink Salt and Limón y Sal.

Address: 4100 N. Kedzie Ave.
Year opened: 2018
Drink of choice: G&W Private Stock bourbon. “We sell more of it than any bar in the city,” says owner Jon Pokorny. “Those scoundrels at Rogers Park Social have no claim to this title.”
Clientele: A diverse crowd — much like the neighborhood
Song you might hear: Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” plays during the halftime of every Bears game. Tim Wilson’s “Booty Man” is another favorite.

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