When married owners Sarah Brick and Teddy Harris saw the former Mickey’s Tavern, a crusty watering hole on a dead-end street abutting a highway on-ramp, they saw potential: a historic 1907 building with upstairs rooms for a small inn, a corner lot for the kind of patio that spills organically outward, and a knoll where acoustic musicians could pluck guitars. For many Bucktowners, the August 2020 opening meant finally returning to a bar. Having a beer in a proper glass at a picnic table under the sun felt so good that they’ve been going back ever since. Now the inside is open and the kitchen is offering a small but well-executed menu. Best of all, the patio is heated and tented throughout the winter, keeping this place’s special juju — that feeling of being welcomed into a neighbor’s backyard.

Address: 2345 N. Leavitt St.
Year opened: 2020
Drink of choice: While there are many local brews on tap, the Trumer Pils, a lively Austrian Pilsner, comes in a tall glass to accent its terrific fizz.
Clientele: Three-generation families eating burgers, young couples doting over their first dog, wonderful weirdos with their noses stuck in books
Song you might hear: “Red Eyes” by the War on Drugs

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