Photo by Kevin Penczak

My mother-in-law won’t leave me alone.

The fix Black skull candle ($7) stuck with pins
The secret Don’t worry, it won’t kill her. “Every pin that you stick in the candle is a complaint you’ve heard that you are turning back to its source. Like: ‘Don’t prick me; irritate yourself,’ ” store manager Amara Dulcis says. “Inscribe the mother-in-law’s name on the candle, and ideally add some sort of personal effect, like hair. When it’s all stuck up with pins, burn the candle until it’s finished.”

My OkCupid inbox is so empty it echoes.

The fix A talisman for eloquence ($30)
The secret “Meditate with it before you rewrite your profile,” Dulcis says. “Watch or listen to something by someone you think is the most talented in their field. Like if you think Mariah Carey’s lyrics are on point, listen to your favorite album while holding the talisman. Some of that is then inspired within you.”

I’m trying to fund my online shopping habit.

The fix Alligator foot ($9) anointed with money-drawing oil ($5)
The secret “It’s kind of like a lucky rabbit’s foot,” Dulcis says. “People use it for gambling and for getting money. The idea, from hoodoo in the American South, is that it grasps.” Carry it with you at all times to leave the door open for cash flow from unexpected sources, or hold it while, say, negotiating a raise. “You should not show it to your boss,” Dulcis clarifies.

I can’t stick to my diet.

The fix Amethyst crystal ($2 to $22)
The secret Carry it in your purse or pocket or wear it around your neck. “Every time you have an urge to do something that’s not in line with your diet, touch the crystal and think, Do I really want to?” Dulcis says. “Amethyst is used for mental balance, and especially temperance, and gets its name from amethystos, which means ‘not drunk’ in Greek. After their big bacchanals, the Greeks would wear it to get themselves back on track.”

I can’t fall asleep.

The fix Dream pillow with mugwort, chamomile, and lavender (bag $14; see store for herb prices)
The secret You know chamomile and lavender, but the herb mugwort is the star player in this sachet. “It has the same sort of metaphysical purpose that chamomile has as a medicine: calming, soothing,” Dulcis says. “Take the pillow to bed with you and smell it. It aids with falling asleep, staying asleep, and having positive or even psychic dreams.”

I don’t have enough Instagram followers.

The fix Enchanting Bath Tea ($8)
The secret Just pour the blend — which includes red sandalwood oil, red rose, and clove — in with your soak. “When you immerse yourself, you take on the power to entrance anyone who sees you,” Dulcis says. “Visualize that you are a queen, you are everything, and how could anyone possibly resist you?”