Photo by Kevin Penczak

“I didn’t like what Gaga wore to the Met Gala. Not only did it become a Twitter storm, there were YouTube videos making it seem like I had a feud with Gaga, which is impossible. On a good day, it’s like, OK, I’m going to say this. I know not everyone’s gonna like it, but I can ignore the hate and say my own opinions because I am an American. I try to be aware. If you get surprised by the vitriol, you can really get your feelings hurt.

“I’ve made days for myself where I just enjoy life without the internet. The first day, it happened on accident. I was just having a really good time and I realized that I hadn’t been online. Then I started doing it on purpose. I found some parties and I'd say, This day, it’s just gonna be me dancing with my friends. I don’t have to prove I’m having a good time.”