Chicken That’ll Melt Your Face Off

Scientists say spicy food alleviates stress — pleasure of pain, increased serotonin, yadda yadda yadda. Which brings us to Dancen. All you need to know about the buldak at this Ravenswood hole in the wall is that the Korean dish’s name translates to “fire chicken.”
$15. 5114 N. Lincoln Ave.

Bend and Palm

There’s no word that fills a bargain seeker with more Zen than “BOGO” — and in this twofer, Rachel Duerkop of the yoga studio Tula offers a combo of yoga and Reiki geared toward anyone who sits or stands too much. In other words, all of us. $20 a class. 2827 W. Belden Ave.

Photo by New school for massage

Massage, But Practice

In exchange for helping New School for Massage students training in the art of healing touch, you get a nearly hourlong therapeutic Swedish rubdown for less than an end table at Ikea. $40 for 55 minutes. 747 N. La Salle Dr.

Acupuncture for the People

At the Logan Square clinic Five Point Holistic Health, you can receive a 45-minute treatment for just $40. The catch? You’ll need to share your space with other human pincushions. $40. 3234 W. Fullerton Ave.

Photo by MaryEllen Curran

The Most Relaxing Airbnb

Horse whispering is so passé. Help care for the fish (tending animals = stress reducer) before unwinding at Koi Whisperer Sanctuary & Japanese Gardens, a traditional Japanese inn that includes a teahouse, meditation room, sauna, and spa. $109 a night. 6N779 Route 31, St. Charles

Photo by Dmitriy Taranov

… and as a Splurge

Breather in a Cup

Emperor’s Jasmine Pearls tea is not only fragrant and floral but may help you live longer. According to Rare Tea Cellars CEO Rodrick Markus, who ships the stuff from his Lake View warehouse, centenarians on the island of Okinawa gulp the soothing hand-picked, antioxidant-rich green drink. $40 for a quarter pound.

Relaxation, Unplugged

Would you believe that the minerals in seaweed can suck out the stress of living with a smartphone glued to your hand? At least that’s what the new Kohler Waters Spa in Lincoln Park claims will happen during its Digital Detox Body Wrap, which includes a scrub with a dry brush, a mini-facial, scalp and foot massages, and that ocean-tinged body mask. $200. 2358 N. Lincoln Ave.

The Goop(ish) Life

In one session at Source Healing, make like Gwyneth and receive a custom treatment that could include acupuncture, cupping, guided breath work, and recommendations for Chinese herbs and nutrition. $200 to $350 for 80 minutes. 650 N. Dearborn St.

Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Good Vibrations

During the Intuitive Song Experience at Sounds Good Studios, “sound guide” Davin Youngs uses otherworldly, wordless singing — along with the vibrations of crystal bowls, bells, rattles, guided touch, and light — to balance wonky energy. “It may sound far out,” Youngs admits, “but there is something wonderful about being held in the care of someone’s voice.” $300 for 75 to 90 minutes. 410 S. Michigan Ave.

The Ultimate Bath

Ditch your moldy grout for a view of the Chicago River from the pristine oversize soaking tub (with space for two) in the Langham’s Regent Suite. Ahhhh. $9,000 a night. 330 N. Wabash Ave.