Photo by Kevin Penczak

“I like to wear statement earrings on TV. Inexplicably, the people who most regularly comment on them are almost exclusively middle-aged white dudes who’re like, ‘What are those earrings?’ and I’m like, ‘Is that you, Miranda Priestly?’ When it’s dumb stuff like that, I usually just ignore it. But sometimes it makes me feel better to have a clapback. If someone is being cruel and sets me up for a joke, I’m going to hit it out of the park. I deserve that every once in a while.

“People who are really happy would never spend their time making people feel bad by sending them messages about how ugly and stupid they are. When people do that, it stems from their own insecurities and dissatisfaction with their own lives. Whatever’s fueling that is something that should be pitied. Sometimes I’ll write, ‘Sorry things don’t seem great for you right now. I hope they get better.’ They usually don’t respond to that any better, but that’s what they need more than me being mad.”