Start the Day With These Peranakan Breakfast Noodles

When it comes to the morning meal, Peranakans — an ethnically Chinese people living in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand — don’t mess around, as demonstrated by the bold-flavored dry pan mee noodles ($14.95) at the new Peranakan restaurant Kapitan (2142 N. Clybourn Ave., Lincoln Park). Owner Victor Low breaks down this breakfast favorite for us. 1. The Crunch Imported … Read more

Why I Love Liáng Pí

Noodle obsessions? I’ve had a few, from carbonara and cacio e pepe to sesame and soba. But nothing gets me quite as slurpy as liáng pí (cold skin noodles), which I first tried at the original Xi’an Famous Foods in Flushing, Queens. I loved everything about the dish: the spring-back texture of the noodles, the … Read more

Five Reasons to Get Gluten-Free Noodles Even If You Don’t Have To

Gluten-free noodles

Saffron Curry Noodles Uncooked At this raw food restaurant, Carole Jones tosses kelp noodles (yes, the seaweed) with a creamy coconut-milk-based saffron sauce for a chilled noodle bowl with complex Indian flavors. $12. 210 N. Carpenter St., West Town; 1616 N. Damen Ave., Bucktown Crispy Rice Noodles Community Tavern Joey Beato boils Thai rice flakes … Read more

Why I Love Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

I have a confession: One of my favorite noodle dishes is spaghetti with meat sauce topped with melted American cheese. But before you come for me, note that I am not alone. This is a longtime tradition in Black households, where this version of spaghetti is an ever-present side dish at cookouts, church revivals, and … Read more