Sound Opinions hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot review the tune, written and performed by their producer Andrew Gill’s son, Albie. The 5-year-old created the song — the lyrics consist entirely of the title repeated over and over — to open his coronavirus podcast of the same name.

DeRogatis You know, Greg, only once in my life have I taken on a specific assignment to review a theme song. Many years ago, Oprah recorded a song, and the Sun-Times editors were like, “Stop the presses. Jim, you’ve got to review this.” And it was pretty good. I gave it two and a half out of four stars. The next morning, I come into work, and I have on my voicemail: “Jim, this is Ohhhhprah. I’m so flattered you reviewed my song!” As good as that one was, which wasn’t bad, “Keep Away Corona” is much, much better.

Kot I don’t think the word “precocious” quite does it justice. Albie is way more talented at 5 years old than I ever was.

DeRogatis I don’t want to read too much into the work of a kindergartner, Greg, but the parallels here — I think his story, song, speak-sing delivery, to me, it’s evoking those famous sessions where Jack Kerouac read his work while Steve Allen tinkered on the piano. There’s a sophistication far beyond this young gentleman’s years.

Kot I think we’re all as adults trying to get back to that level of unselfconsciousness that we had when we were that age. Albie is an inspiration from that standpoint, because he’s just saying what’s on his mind and he’s not worried about what anybody else is gonna think about it, and I think that’s where all great art starts.

DeRogatis Are there labor laws? Can we tap this kid as a producer?