Ballroom Dance Chicago

I asked my husband once to take swing lessons. He refused. He was open to salsa. I never signed up. Last year, I surprised him with a dance class at Ballroom Dance Chicago for his birthday. It was very sexy, gazing into each other’s eyes. Honestly, once that new-car shine of love wears off, eye contact is only necessary when you’re angry or dancing. Both prerecorded and livestream options are available (from $60).

The Chopping Block

I took a class from these folks during a time when we were allowed to touch things, and it was very fun. When you register, you’ll be sent the recipe card and equipment list, plus a link to log on to Zoom (from $50). You’ll also be able to ask the chef questions like “Should this be on fire?”


Living in the city sometimes means you live around the corner from a burlesque school, like I do. I wonder if I’d be good at striptease, but I’m too impatient. I want my clothes on or off. But I’ll try it! Vaudezilla is now offering classes like Dirty, Sexy, Smooth Floorwork (from $7) for people to try at home on Zoom. Maybe I can convince Mister to give me my own Magic Mike living-room experience.

Penguin Foot Pottery

If you’re feeling some of that sexy Demi Moore–Patrick Swayze Ghost energy, check out Penguin Foot Pottery’s Zoom classes (from $40). You’ll get clay at the studio through no-contact pickup, and then “you in danger, girl,” because things are gonna get hot with all that pot pinching.