Dreams do come true: The state’s first cannabis-friendly accommodation is just three hours away. At the five-room Aldrich Guest House, you can get vacation-baked, judgment-free, with breakfast included. No, you can’t stroll around with a spliff on your lips, but you can get buzzed in the Potting Shed, a tiny house with air conditioning, comfy seating, a TV, and a snack bar. Go for a 13-minute walk downtown to stock up on cannabis at Verilife (opt for consumables if you’re bringing them back to the shed, since Illinois law forbids indoor smoking), or walk a block to Depot Park for two made-for-stoners outdoor summer events: the 20-vehicle-strong Food Truck Fight, where you play judge (August 7), and Corkless in Galena (August 14; $20), which showcases northern Illinois wines. Presumably, all of this will taste awesome. From $145 a night, 900 Third St.