Redhot Ranch/35th Street Red Hots

1 Redhot Ranch/35th Street Red Hots

Considering the first of this trio of spots opened only in 2005, its rise to the top is meteoric in hot dog stand years. It’s gotten there thanks to its consistency, simplicity, and cheap prices, which are seemingly from another era. Each spot feels like an old-timey stand (there’s little more than White Sox signs at the Bridgeport location and a Vienna Beef poster in Lake View), the seating is largely outdoor picnic tables, and the menu isn’t padded out with pizza puffs or mozzarella sticks. That, plus zero shortcuts, means the dozen items on offer are all killer: The juicy, beefy hot dog ($3.62), minimalist compared with a full-fledged Chicago-style number, is served with mustard, relish, sport peppers, and onions. It comes wrapped with tender fries, which are hand-cut and double-fried — leave a few on the wiener for texture. Bring a friend so you can also split the city’s best double cheeseburger ($6.11, including fries) and the crispy fried shrimp ($17.20 per pound). 3057 N. Ashland Ave., Lake View; 2449 W. Armitage Ave., Logan Square; 500 W. 35th St., Bridgeport

2 Vienna Beef Factory Store & Cafe

Part hot dog stand, part shop, it is as close to a farm-to-table dining experience as you can have at a hot dog stand. From the wieners to the electric green relish, nearly everything is made at the Vienna Beef factory across the street. 3847 S. Morgan St., Bridgeport

A Chicago-style hot dog and fries
Hot dog and fries from 35th Street Red Hots

3 The Original Jimmy’s Red Hots

This 67-year-old corner stand is loaded with character — and characters. Some of the staffers have been slinging dogs here for decades. And no, you can’t dip your fries in ketchup — as the signs declare, “Don’t even ask!” 4000 W. Grand Ave., Humboldt Park

4 The Wiener’s Circle

Whether or not you consider the yelling at patrons and the late-night circus atmosphere charming, you’ll dig the the local-classic char dog ($5) — get it topped with grilled onions — and the crisp, well-seasoned hand-cut fries with cheddar ($5). 2622 N. Clark St., Lincoln Park

A hot dog stand cashier
A 35th Street Red Hots cashier

5 Superdawg

As the city’s last drive-in, it brims with nostalgia, from the food being toted to your car to the giant hot dogs on the roof. And of course, there’s the Superdawg ($6.75), the rare great skinless wiener, served with housemade crinkle-cut fries. 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave., Norwood Park

6 Dave’s Red Hots

The oldest stand in town (around since 1938), it looks the part, but the quality of its food hasn’t faded. The red hot ($3.10) is served up with a mountain of fries, and an excellent seared salami sandwich ($3) is tucked into a dog bun. 3422 W. Roosevelt Rd., North Lawndale

A hot dog stand umbrella
The seating at 35th Street Red Hots is largely outdoor picnic tables.

7 Fatso’s Last Stand

Stroller pushers and barhoppers alike flock to the two locations for the char dog ($6.50 for one topped with Merkts cheddar) and the fried shrimp ($7 per quarter pound) breaded with crispy panko crumbs. 2258 W. Chicago Ave., Ukrainian Village; 1982 N. Clybourn Ave., Lincoln Park

8 Al’s Under the L

Tucked beneath the tracks, this brick storefront has swapped hands a few times since it opened in 1956, but what hasn’t changed: You can still get a delicious minimalist dog ($3.50). The signature item: the Polish sausage ($5.50), crisp from a trip to the deep fryer. 2908 W. Lake St., East Garfield Park

A double cheeseburger
The double cheeseburger from 35th Street Red Hots

9 Lola’s Coney Island

This place, from a Detroit native, offers a superb version of the Coney-style dog ($4.50) prevalent in the Mitten State. It’s slathered with meaty sauce and garnished with mustard and onions on a steamed bun; get it with a Faygo for an authentic taste. 2858 W. Chicago Ave., Humboldt Park

10 Devil Dawgs

The Lincoln Park location recently closed, but three spots remain for a perfectly dressed Chicago-style dog ($4.25), fresh-cut fries ($3), and the aptly named Kick-Ass Slider ($3.50). 767 S. State St., South Loop; 1431 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park; 937 W. Belmont Ave., Lake View