Quick Shop
Photograph by Elizabeth Gomez

“I’m cultured and slightly buzzed on White Claw”

Quick Shop, 2901 W. Irving Park Rd., Irving Park
Art in Chicago is not just what you see in brick buildings but also what’s on brick buildings. This corner liquor store gives you a chance to both check out the verdant mural and get fuzzy-eyed on hard seltzers and corn nuts.

Whole Foods Market
Photograph courtesy of Whole Foods

“I love shopping, foodie-style”

Whole Foods Market, 3201 N. Ashland Ave., Lake View
This particular Whole Foods has a ton of areas for interesting setups because of the repetitive patterns, multicolored products, and huge windows that provide great lighting. I love this shot of me, which says, “I’m an idiot, but an idiot who loves apples.”

Garden of the Phoenix
Photograph by Elizabeth Gomez

“I love nature as long as I can pose with it”

Garden of the Phoenix, 6401 S. Stony Island Ave., Woodlawn
We’re city people for a reason, and that’s because nature is dangerous. But nestled in Jackson Park is a spot filled with lush plants and immaculately pruned trees. No matter where you take a photo, it will say, “I’m into the outdoors if it doesn’t move.”

Humboldt Park
Photograph by Elizabeth Gomez

“I fell 30 seconds after this photo”

Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Humboldt Blvd.
Chicagoans love to look active so we don’t feel bad about the jibarito we put into our faces, and by “the,” I mean two. Humboldt Park provides a nice backdrop for action shots. I tried to get my friend to look cool, but this is what I got. Zing!

Just south of the Chess Pavilion
Photograph by Elizabeth Gomez

“Gosh dang it, I love this city!”

Just south of the Chess Pavilion, 2045 N. Lincoln Park West, Lincoln Park
Here’s your obligatory “Chicago is glorious” location, featuring Chicago’s Experimentalist, Adrienne Gunn. She looks thrilled here, but after our subsequent 40-mile bike ride to the Indiana Dunes, she died.

63rd Street Beach
Photograph by Elizabeth Gomez

“I know how to swim but would prefer to sit on sand”

63rd Street Beach, 6300 S. Lake Shore Dr., Woodlawn
Never underestimate the power of a beach shot during the magic hour (when the sun starts going down) or moody weather, which should be Chicago’s nickname.