Of all the insults laid on us by the pandemic, this might be the most egregious: It literally wilted our butts (a condition known as dead butt syndrome). Your badonkadonk matters beyond just vanity. “It plays a vital role in posture and hip alignment and helps control the tracking of your knees,” says Alex Nsiah-Kumi Jr. of Paramount Personal Training in Logan Square. “Improving your butt can go a long way toward moving and feeling better.” Here’s how he recommends you, in his words, “juicify your booty” with exercises that can be built into your day:

1. Do fire hydrants while scrolling TikTok.

Get on all fours and lift your bent leg like a peeing dog (which incidentally will strengthen your core so you stop actually peeing when you sneeze if you are a person who has had a baby). Repeat 10 times on each side.

2. Dip into deep lunges while walking to the bathroom.

Keep your back straight and don’t let your back knee hit the ground. If you’re well hydrated and make the trip often, it’s a real workout.

3. Do five squats every time you have a nonalcoholic drink.

Center your hips over your feet and squat like you’re about to sit in a chair, letting your bum lead the way. Do 10 squats for every alcoholic drink and it suddenly becomes a balance exercise, too.

4. Do 10 single-leg dead lifts per side after each meal.

Consider it a nonsurgical butt lift. Stand straight, lift one leg behind you, and tighten your abs. Keep your upper body straight as you lean forward from your hips as far as you can go. Then bring your leg down, returning to an upright position, and squeeze your cheeks like you are holding a proof-of-vaccination card between them!