Biju Kulathakal

34 // chairman and CEO of Trading Block Holdings, an online brokerage firm, among other venture-capital endeavors
From: Bangalore, India, and Dubai, UAE
Lives in: Streeterville
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Transporter “I moved to Chicago when I was 18 to study aerospace engineering at IIT. I thought I would work for Boeing or NASA, but I ended up becoming a serial entrepreneur. Things change. I live by Helen Keller’s motto: ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’ I’ve flown small planes; I’m an avid motorcycle rider; I love polo; there was a time when I went sailing every day.”

Transformer “If I didn’t do what I’m doing now, I’d be running a network of schools in India or Africa. I first got interested in education reform when I joined the board of the Chicago Charter School Foundation in 2002, and I just raised $1 million to seed a new nonprofit, Vidya, that will provide scholarships to children in third-world countries.”

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