Maya-Camille Broussard holding a picture frame

31 // co-owner and curator of Three Peas Art Lounge, a South Loop gallery, café, and wine bar
From: Hyde Park
Lives in: Hyde Park
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Facilitator “While teaching art [on the South Side], I saw that the kids were very intimidated and the parents were clueless. It was an ‘Aha!’ moment for me: I knew then I wanted to create a space where people can view art but not be intimidated by it. The best days [at Three Peas] are when people bring in groups of kids and they just take it in. I love that. I don’t care what’s in your wallet; if you can’t buy [the art], that’s OK.”

Free Speaker “My dad used to call me Sugar and Spice. I was very sweet but also very sassy. I have a mouth: It’s a defense mechanism. If kids made fun of me growing up, I used to cry about it, but then I learned to give it right back—and do it with a smile.”

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