Heidi Sauhammel playing with hula hoops

39 // founder and owner of Body Chemistri, a perfume line
From: Roscoe Village
Lives in: Rockwell Crossing
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Memory Keeper “I was born here, but my parents are from Austria. When I was growing up, they had an Austrian tavern on Damen. We lived above it, but I never spent any time in the apartment; I was always downstairs with the neighborhood regulars—lots of German customers. My mom did the cooking, and my dad ran the bar.”

Sixth Scenter “A lot of people on my mom’s side are awesome cooks, and I take a similar approach to perfume: It’s about knowing each fragrance and knowing when to use a light hand. It’s intuitive. I try to see something in someone that they haven’t really tapped into themselves and create a perfume for that. If a woman feels sexy, it’s empowering.”

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