Turning 30 in July // first-grade teacher at the Walt Disney Magnet School, a Chicago Public School
From: Crown Point, Indiana
Lives in: Gold Coast
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Sun Worshiper “I’m a country boy at heart, but I’m not a hick. I just like anything outdoors. My mom calls me solar powered. As long as I can be outside and doing something active with friends, I’m good to go. I definitely don’t do winter so well. Those are vicious months for me.”

Student Ambassador “I’ve taught in Fiji; I’ve studied abroad in Australia. As a teacher, I think it’s my job to go out and have new experiences. We shouldn’t just hang up our teaching hats when the bell rings. I show up to work and have 22 kids staring at me, ready to be taught about the world. We’ll see things on a map, and I’ll try to tell them a story about what it was like to go there. Then you see the light go on.”

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