John Curtin hula hooping

32 // senior attorney for Walgreens
From: Palos Park
Lives in: River North
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Study Buddy “In college [at the University of San Diego], my friends knew where they could find me. They’d goof around, saying: ‘It’s the John Curtin Reading Room. If he goes missing, his body is probably in the second chair on the second floor of the law library.’ I still have the inner nerd, though the hairstyle has changed. I looked like Harry Potter until I graduated law school [at Syracuse].”

Comeback Kid “After working in Asia for a few months, I was offered the opportunity to stay there for the long haul. But I always knew I’d come home. When I was away, I started to see my parents age, and the older I got, [the less I liked] that experience. I missed knowing that if my family or friends needed me, I wasn’t far—not a plane ride away.”

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