Marco Ellis throwing confetti

31 // plastic and reconstructive surgery resident at Northwestern University
From: Woodbridge, Virginia
Lives in: South Loop
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Problem Solver “Plastic surgery [which Ellis studied at Northwestern after receiving his M.D. from Harvard] is one of the few specialties that allow you to operate on the whole body, head to toe. I also like the creativity. If you saw five plastic surgeons, you’d get five different recommendations. We can be creative in how we approach problems.”

Night Owl “I’ve started going to Carnival in Trinidad, which is a week of insomnia, partying, wearing costumes, dancing, and music. You’re basically out in the streets, and you sleep two to three hours a day. It takes partying to a whole new level. Carnival is definitely one of my new little vices that I’m sure I’ll have to give up once I finally get married.”

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