Margaret Bogenrief relaxing

31 // CEO of ACM Professional Services, a boutique financial-services firm; CEO of ACM Intellectual Property Search Fund, an adult-media start-up
From: Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Lives in: Wrigleyville
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Practical Adviser “The last economic cycle made small-hedge-fund managers think it was easy to get capital through the door. That’s completely reversed now; the market is saying no, you have to put together a great business plan. But people are still coming out from the hangover. Being mad that [raising money] isn’t easy now is like being sad that it’s not the 1930s anymore.”

Niche Finder “Everyone says you can make money from vice industries, but you can’t. You have to basically revamp the industry. It happened with liquor and tobacco in the early 20th century; it happened with casinos 30 years ago; and we wager it’s going to happen with adult entertainment. We identified the market. Professors from the University of Chicago [where Bogenrief received her M.B.A.] worked with us on this. In finance, if you’re making money and you’ve got a good idea, that’s what matters.”

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