Kelly Goldsmith reading a book

31 // assistant professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management
From: San Diego, California
Lives in: Old Town
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Researcher, Part 1 “I’ve always been interested in research, especially marketing research. That came out of a deep and abiding love for television—as did going on Survivor [season 3]. But I didn’t anticipate the massive lifestyle shift that would come [entering the Ph.D. program] at Yale. I was working by myself all the time. My academic life is still isolating and nerdy: sitting over humongous data sets in my office, grinding away.” 

Researcher, Part 2 “I work hard, but I play hard. I’m outgoing. Talkative. When I first moved to Chicago, dating was my other job. I was so excited to be here, where there were actually people to meet besides five other grad students. Thanks to dating, I’m starting to realize what I like. For me, everything is research.”

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