1. A squishy brioche bun makes it easy to take a giant bite.
Chef Michael Buscemi likes the ones from ButterCrumb Bakery in Hickory Hills; he toasts them, cut side down, in a buttered pan.

2. For crunch and acidity, eat your vegetables.
Veggies are a rarity on breakfast sandwiches, but lettuce, tomato, and zippy pickled red onion help counter the richness of the hash browns and aïoli.

3. It’s not a breakfast sandwich without a runny fried egg.
Buscemi’s secret to making a perfect sunny-side-up egg: frying it over low heat and using a concave rubber spatula to gently scoop it out of the pan without breaking it.

4. An aïoli made with ’nduja is your new secret weapon.
Tempesta’s fiery spreadable sausage gets blended with mayo, lemon, salt, and pepper for a spicy, tangy condiment you might just start putting on everything. Pick some up at the shop (1372 W. Grand Ave., West Town) or order at tempestaartisansalumi.com. $11 for six ounces

5. Bacon, because you clearly need more meat.
Tempesta’s housemade bacon is cured with maple sugar and smoked with maple wood, giving it a smoky sweetness. Pick up bacon at the shop or order online. $24 for two pounds

6. Nothing melts quite like American cheese.
Buscemi goes for the orange processed classic. Lay it on the hot hash browns so it gets a little melty.

7. A thick square of crispy hash browns is the anchor.
Buscemi grates potatoes and cooks them in a pot with butter and onion before mixing with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and his secret ingredient: ¼ teaspoon gelatin, which helps bind it together. After pressing the potato mix into a sheet pan and refrigerating it overnight, he cuts it into squares and pan-fries it for maximum crispiness.