A side of heavy drinking often accompanies Boiler Room’s pizza. That’s no shock, given the sheer enormity of the pies and the existence of the PB&J: a slice of pizza, a Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboy, and a shot of Jameson for $8.50. But given BR’s rep as a late-night party spot, it is a surprise that the stuff coming out of its Roto-Flex rotating deck oven is so damn delicious. A thin, cornmealy crust serves as the base for out-of-the-box ingredients, including Thai cream cheese sauce and beet bruschetta. Order a seitan-and-faux-mozzarella-covered vegan pie if you must, but the tastiest come topped with house-cured meats, such as sweet cubes of ham or slices of PBR-infused meatballs. 2210 N. California Ave., 773-276-5625