Why pizzerias pack their menus with endless variations of pizza ingredients is one of life’s great mysteries. But if you’re already in the carb-and-dairy zone, you might as well go all in. Our picks:

Crunchy bruschetta at Elio Pizza on Fire

Elio Pizza on Fire's bruschetta
Photo: Courtesy of Elio Pizza on Fire

Doughy beignets at Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

Jimmy's Pizza Cafe's beignets
Photo: Anna Knott

Over-the-top Craziest Bread at Parlor Pizza Bar

Parlor Pizza Bar's Craziest Bread
Photo: Neil Burger

Ultrathick, tender mozzarella sticks at Roots

Photo: Thinkleigh Photography

Rich, creamy Burrata at Spacca Napoli

Photo: Courtesy of Spacca Napoli